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Big Pictures by John (JD) Davis

Breathtaking Landscapes and Nostalgic Moments

Meet John (JD) Davis, a virtuoso in the realm of ultra-high-resolution and gigapixel photography. John’s journey with photography commenced at the age of 12, capturing a captivating photograph of the Cologne Cathedral while his father was stationed in Germany with the Royal Air Force.

His six transformative years in Europe, spanning from the Berlin Wall to the Mediterranean, the Alps to the Normandy coast, were not just about exploring breathtaking landscapes but also about encapsulating the essence of his travels and the friendships he forged.

John’s path continued as he served with distinction as a Royal Marine in the UK, undertaking tours in Norway, Turkey, and Iraq, where he was honored with the General Service Medal.

Transitioning to the Royal Air Force, he embraced the role of a physical training instructor, further honing his skills through courses ranging from parachuting at Brize Norton to rock climbing in Wales and Spain, and even attending photography courses at the prestigious Joint School of Photography (JSOP). His military service provided him with training and skills in the Arctic, Mountain, Jungle, and Desert, proving invaluable for photography expeditions.

Upon returning to civilian life, John obtained teaching qualifications and taught at both Preston and Blackpool College. He ran a small business for several years, providing training for UK military personnel in California and Hawaii, and contributed to the development team at Blackburn College for the foundation degree, aligning courses with the needs of military personnel transitioning to civilian life. Now a proud resident of Canada, John is the proprietor of a specialized company focusing on virtual tours and hotel resort photography.

His collaboration with various photographic enterprises across North America has allowed him to bring his expertise to places often deemed challenging or overlooked. For John, hotel and resort photography is more than a profession—it’s a gateway to his full-time passion of ultra-high-resolution photography.

Watchman Lookout Trail - Crator Lake
A recent project saw John embark on a remarkable journey covering over 30,000 miles of Western Canada. With eight hours daily dedicated to his passion, he captured numerous gigapixel images that are a source of immense pride. His commitment to capturing the beauty of any landscape or the extraordinary feats of engineering, regardless of the remoteness or distance, is unwavering.

John aims to continue partnerships with the National Parks of Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion, leading fellow veterans on camping and photography expeditions.

John was recently awarded the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal for his service to the Royal Canadian Legion.

Vision, Style & Rationale

My vision as a photographer is to document the world in its vastness and variety. I aim to capture the grandeur of mountains and lakes, the vibrancy of major cities, and the intricate details of architecture. For me, photography is an exploration—a way to see and share the world’s wonders. I prioritize the act of being there, in the moment, over waiting for ideal conditions. By taking numerous shots in many different places, I increase my chances of capturing something truly remarkable.

My style incorporates a sense of place by including elements of the foreground, adding depth and sometimes a hint of my presence into the scene. This method may not always yield the ‘perfect’ image, but it results in a genuine and colorful representation of my journey.

My Rationale. I admire those who spend hours and days patiently waiting for the perfect conditions for their shot. For me, the exploration is as important as the image. I don’t suppose I will live forever, and the world is always changing, so I prioritize travel to feed my hunger and capture the world as it is today, visiting and capturing as many places as possible. Importantly, what I do and how I do it makes me happy, excited, and looking forward to the times ahead. Because of that, I will continue to do this forever and I hope to encourage others to do the same or find their own purpose and meaning in life.’

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